The a/Gnostic Christian Reformed Church

North American Christianity's integral internal counter-movement since 2005: Christianity has become decadent and depraved 

Enemies of the Church

What the A/CRC has lacked in organization and affirmative action, it has more than made up for in observation, reaction, and a baptism-by-immersion-in-fire approach to that which has struck it as contrary, harmful, decadent and depraved. 

The inauguration of this website is a movement forward: into the realm of affirmative thought and positive establishment.  As this move is made, however, the A/CRC is committed to both remembering and maintaining its ability to react and to immerse itself in that which is foreign and strange; through understanding what one is not, one further understands what one is. 

This page is to be maintained and expanded upon in the interests of this goal.  It will provide everything from detailed examinations of doctrines, thoughts, movements and ideologies that stand contra the A/CRC to mockeries, libellous postings and all manner of redemptive appropriations of that which seeks to distance itself from the A/CRC and that which desires the annoyance and resentment of its members.

The A/CRC: More honest than your church, mosque or synagogue.

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