The a/Gnostic Christian Reformed Church

North American Christianity's integral internal counter-movement since 2005: Christianity has become decadent and depraved 


At present, the A/CRC is an entirely free organization (financially): there is neither any cost involved with joining, nor is any money expected of any member; there is no mandatory tithing, nor any sort of annual fee.  Though all sorts of dullards and hippies will espouse the virtues of free information and open-source material, we at the A/CRC are not among them; we simply lack the ability to charge for materials being produced.  Free information abounds on the internet, and much of it is worth it's cost; the A/CRC is firmly committed to providing a resource that exceeds such sources by leaps and bounds.

Having said that, it remains true that there is no charge for any of the information present on the site; this remains true even as the internet is not a free place for the A/CRC to exist within.  As such, we welcome any donation to our cause, be it time, finances, effort, material or a way of bettering our internet presence; we do not, however, expect this in any way.

Any willingness to help in such matters can be expressed to the A/CRC at large via an e-mail.

The A/CRC: more affordable than your church, mosque or synagogue.

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