The a/Gnostic Christian Reformed Church

North American Christianity's integral internal counter-movement since 2005: Christianity has become decadent and depraved 

a/CRC Contra the World

While the Enemies of the Church section will prove to be a sufficient summary of that which stands in opposition to the A/CRC, it does not allow for more specific, focused treatments: enter Contra.  This section is essentially an attempt to more sanely organize the focus and direction of the A/CRC, a space for polemical book reviews, contrary writing, and all manner of material that focuses on a specific instance of Christianity and provides the marginal room necessary to distinguish the A/CRC from such manifestations.

While the nominal word-play utilized by the A/CRC is likely to be lost on anyone not familiar with the nuances of Reformed Christianity, the thought behind this word-play should not be.  The Christian Reformed Church of North America is the foundational denomination of both of the A/CRC's co-founders, and as such, remains an enormous impact upon the organization as a whole.  Though the focus of the A/CRC extends beyond simply the Christian Reformed Church and well into Christianity as a whole, first to the Jews, and then to the Gentiles

If nothing else, the CRC is a highly documented church; as such, producing any semblance of contra literature will be a lengthy work in progress.  Updates on this project will be provided as they are available.

A/CRC Contra Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism
It is perhaps sufficient to say that a great deal of the A/CRC's difficulties with Christianity are directly constituted through contemporary evangelicalism and fundamentalism.  Much of this section will be devoted to direct engagement with evangelical and fundamentalist materials; though we have no fear of being confused for an evangelical or a fundamentalist organization, the surplus of combative knowledge possessed by the membership of the A/CRC on this subject is simply too great to pass up.

a/CRC Contra

The rough life of a heretic

The A/CRC contra Grace Reformed Baptist Church: view the PDF

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