The a/Gnostic Christian Reformed Church

North American Christianity's integral internal counter-movement since 2005: Christianity has become decadent and depraved 


Contacting the a/CRC: like prayer, save for a higher answer rate and fewer miracles. 

All questions, comments, complaints and reactionary contempt can be sent to the common a/CRC address:

The e-mail address is checked regularly by either of the co-founders, and all e-mails seeking a response will be answered.  Suffice it to say, we have the time. 

Suggestions are welcome.  Controversy is desirable.  Evangelism is coveted.  We don't just want your business: we need your business.

The a/CRC: Maybe you'd like us if you got to know us.

Queries pertaining to contacting God should be sent to the sales department
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