The a/Gnostic Christian Reformed Church

North American Christianity's integral internal counter-movement since 2005: Christianity has become decadent and depraved 

The a/CRC Calendar Project

In the vein of such earth-shaking projects as Nuns Having Fun, the A/CRC is both pleased and proud to present its own calendar project (as yet unnamed).  Humour, mockery and the degradation of others stand as some of the most effective means by which humanity itself is redeemed, and it is in this light that the A/CRC has commissioned this project: the fallout of denigration is communicated in a non-verbal language that even the most difficult person can begin to understand and relate to.

Since your average hyper-fundamentalist is usually nothing more than burning caldron of rage at everything which harbours life, the A/CRC thought it would be grand to commemorate a very odd occurrence within these circles - members having fun. Although these instances are doubtlessly only venires to cover their world-based angst, they capture a very rare and compelling subject; hyper-fundamentalists daring to enjoy the barest suggestion of the world in which they reside, even if said enjoyment must be tempered with confession at days end.

Whether it be discussing the proper interpretation of a difficult Bible verse over a cup of hot chocolate, singing hymns, reading their KJV, watching Veggie Tales or whatever else they do between official church activities, the A/CRC is in close tow, gathering photos and celebrating life's little rarities.  Hunting down a genuinely entertained fundamentalist, however, is much like tracking a wild and cagey animal: they do not often let their guard down.  A project such as this requires the most concerted effort, careful planning, and patience in timing.  We ask that you bear with us in our labour of love.


I can't believe it's not a hymnal!
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