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North American Christianity's integral internal counter-movement since 2005: Christianity has become decadent and depraved 


The blog is the democracy of the internet agora - the kratia of the demos at play in the largest forum humanity has yet seen.  Discord, free-opinion, free-discussion and uninhibited contribution: yet the internet betrays the banal face of human thought at every turn when it comes to the blog.  To be sure, there is a wide array of internet blogs that contain useful and interesting information; blogs about computer problems, automotive solutions, how to make money on the internet and how to better use a certain service are all over, and all contain worthwhile information for their niche and use.

What one does not find, however, is a great deal of interesting and informative ideological and thought-foundational material.  Thoughts in this realm are opinion and speculation, and for the majority of people, thought and speculation are easy and cheap.  Material in this realm is often poorly written, poorly thought out, and represents the poverty that is the masses: those with good things to say still relegate themselves to books, where good ideas sell.

How fortunate it is, then, for the internet community, that the A/CRC is in no position to be published!

The A/CRC: better thoughts, better writing, better blogging.

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