The a/Gnostic Christian Reformed Church

North American Christianity's integral internal counter-movement since 2005: Christianity has become decadent and depraved 


Material from the Membership

The membership of the A/CRC is the assurance of a dynamic ideology and a commitment to openness.  Though not necessarily considered representative of the A/CRC as a whole - oftentimes this is more a matter of genre rather than content - the contributions of the A/CRC's membership are encouraged at all times and promoted when edifying

The Gospel of Thomas - An excellent treatment of the Gospel of Thomas with regards to Gnosticism by A/CRC member Josh Klopstra.  Though not yet properly integrated and formatted into the site, it is available here as a PDF download.

Official A/CRC Philosophical, Theological and Positional Documents

Agnostic:Christian:Reformed - The philosophy of the A/CRC in brief, A:C:R is essentially an expansion upon all three terms, and how they are used and understood in the context of the A/CRC.  While not a classical 'statement of belief' in any sense of the word, this is the betrayal of the founding assumptions of the A/CRC.

Gnosis crucified - An explanation behind the c of the A/CRC.

The A/CRC: Why Christianity must be countered - An outline of the need for a third way: the title says it all.

What does it mean to be Agnostic Christian Reformed? - If A:C:R is the aesthetic and philosophical outline (a certain audience might instead substitute words like 'clumsy' and 'obtuse' as descriptors) of the Agnostic Christian Reformed Church, this document is a plain-spoken representation of the A/CRC and its membership. 

Recommended Reading and Resources

Though considered heretical, deviant, and more than occasionally uncouth, the A/CRC is, at the very least, populated by well-read members.  While it would be easy enough to list off several sets of books that we may or may not have read, recommending them to all the readership of wealth and leisure, this is neither our goal nor our hope for our recommended reading subsection.  Book reviews - long and short - reading guides, and a plethora of online resources, on the other hand, are what is in mind, and as these are compiled, they will be posted.

An anti-metaphysical view of the world - yes, but an artistic one. - Friedrich Nietzsche

The Literature of the a/CRC

The Gospel of Thomas - Josh Klopstra

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